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The Continued Rise of Resimercial Design

As a pandemic raged throughout most of 2020, those that were able, stayed home and performed their work there. They had to learn how to work from home effectively, how to stay productive, and how to re-find their work-life balance. With vaccination expected to ramp up this coming spring many are looking forward to a return to the office space and defining their new normal.

resimercial design

Resimercial design is not a new concept or even design trend (it emerged with Millennials and Gen Z who grew up with tech and are highly accustomed to the notion of working any time, any place), but it will help shape the working environment of the immediate future. Resimercial design is a portmanteau combining residential and commercial features in order to make employees feel more at home in the workplace and it may help answer the question of supporting remote working, physical distancing, and overall sense of wellbeing.

While there have been both pros and cons to working from home (finding space, mitigating distractions, etc.) the largest generation in the U.S. labor force will expect the variability, flexibility, and sense of comfort in their professional spaces; after all they pioneered the concept. Resimercial design is here to stay beyond the length of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Designers will need to focus on comfort and character, a wide variety of experiential spaces, as well as durability in the materials we choose.

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