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Earles Architects and Associates’ Top 5 Things Tech Companies Want in Their Space

What are the top things tech companies want in their space? Give us cool space, but also make sure it will showcase our company—from the front entrance—and give us the functionality we need. That’s what we’re hearing from clients. Consider these ideas:

  • Branding—can take the form of a unique door entrance or a bold show of the company name or logo in the reception area. It’s important to have consistent branding throughout the space through color, items, artwork and more. Using design to showcase your products and services to visitors sets your company apart.


  • Openness and collaboration—Tech companies are highly collaborative, so they want open space that can foster group projects and informal sharing of ideas. Collaborates spaces can be booths, and even picnic tables. Whiteboards and larges screens also help to share ideas.


  • Ways to use, showcase and store their tech—Computers, wifi, software equipment—they want it all and room to work on it and brainstorm about it. Conference rooms should have full capabilities for staying connected and hosting virtual meetings.


  • A Unique Presence—No two companies are the same, so each wants ways to personalize the space and tell its story.


  • Fun Furniture—Tech firms want furniture that is fun, flexible, and comfortable, including pieces with bright colors and unique lines. Furniture should be comfortable and easily accommodate technology with outlets and USB ports.