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Earles Architects and Associates’ Collaborative Space Trends

Collaborative space—a common buzz word these days. What’s the latest from tech companies who were a driving force of this movement? We’re finding a wide spectrum:

  • Tech companies that places a high emphasis on collaborative areas. They want open and closed settings that can fit 2 to 20 people, plus small huddle and video conferencing rooms.


  • Some firms that do not have a strong need for it, but they do require areas for groups to gather. We typically accommodate this with traditional conference room settings.


  • Regardless the variation, most tech companies want some open areas with soft seating and moveable/writeable wall surfaces. This defines the space without closing it off entirely from the rest of the office. They also are big on break rooms—employees need their downtime!


  • Tech companies also have a strong need to accommodate growth, so flexibility is key. This means furniture groupings that can be expanded upon or move from one room to another. In addition, furnishing need to be able to accommodate technology with outlets, usb ports, and more.