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Break Rooms

Break room activities will need to be adjusted for social distancing. Moving furniture further apart, and creating a one directional path around the area will help to mitigate the spread of germs. A staggered break time schedule can be introduced to limit the number of people in the break area. If possible, employees will be encouraged to eat at their desks.

Longer term solutions include separating the coffee and water stations, introducing various pantry stations throughout the office, and upgrading to touchless or voice activated fixtures.

Elevator Lobby

With the constant flow of traffic in and out of elevator lobbies, steps will need to be taken to ensure health and safety. Signage and circulation paths will be necessary, along with hand sanitizer touchpoints, and limiting elevator occupancy.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms pose a specific risk to social distancing. As people start to return to the office, conference rooms will have half the people that they can accommodate. Others will join meetings virtually, from other spaces in the office or from their homes.

New ways of collaboration should be implemented into the workforce. Technology like smart boards and tablets can allow for people to connect throughout the office and the world.