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Design for a Sustainable Future

By Architectural Associate Luciano Garcilazo: Change in any field seems to take forever to occur. It wasn’t that long ago that not much thought was taken into the amount of waste that was produced in the build out of new tenant space. Everything was dumped in one container and taken away.

sustainable architecture

With the rise of disposal fees and shortage of materials over time, changes are being made. In the Design field, changes have been made over the years to help reduce materials used. Fewer partitions are being built out of metal and gypsum board, and more glass is getting incorporated into the design, allowing more natural light throughout the space.

More and more Building Management companies are starting to implement Building Standards, keeping a consistent look throughout the tenant space. Door, frames and glass partitions that would have ended up being waste can now be stored and re-purposed for future tenant build-outs. The expansion of one tenant into another space does not trigger a full renovation project. And when we do have a demolition project, we know that it is being sorted into many containers to be recycled and what is being installed as has a smaller carbon footprint.