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How to Encourage Collaboration through Space

Want to encourage collaboration? Whether building new or retrofitting, it’s easy to create collaborative spaces into today’s offices with smart space planning and innovative products. Try these tips from our designers:

  • Think flexible and impromptu. Collaboration is both impromptu and planned. Moveable furniture and room dividers create different spaces for different occasions. Create multiple spaces for teams to work in, both public and semi-private. Besides seating, be sure to provide structures to dampen noise.


  • Make it multi-functional. Teams like to collaborate in different ways on different days. Moveable seating, desks, and scalable furniture allow for different purposes, formal or informal. Flexible furniture is a cost effective alternative for companies that cannot do a series of conference or huddle rooms.


  • Try modular. You can build it up and tear it down. Try partial height building-block walls, with a dose of functionality from both magnetic and writeable surfaces. This allows flexibility for the space and the furniture.


  • Technology is a must. Employees need to be able to connect wherever they are. Built-in charging stations, touchdown rooms, and video conferencing are only a few of the options available.