At EAA, we approach each project from the client’s perspective. We maintain a practice where the involvement of the principal on a personal level is key to ensuring a client’s needs are met. Our firm structure and design methods demonstrate our ability to respond creatively and effectively. Our approach to architectural design, interior design and space planning involves the following philosophies and processes:

Coordination of documents and design elements
EAA’s design philosophy focuses on creative design solutions. This effort includes structural considerations, equipment access requirements, life safety issues, building envelope construction, and a myriad of related issues.

Project Management
EAA acts as a direct link to the Owner/Contracting Agencies and their representatives to coordinate and satisfy contractual requirements with the entire project team. Areas of concentration include Project Programming, Design and Documentation, Construction Administration, Schedules, Coordination Activities, and Communications.

Quality Assurance/Control
EAA has maintained a continuing commitment to quality assurance and control with all of our projects.

Cost Control
EAA is actively involved at all levels of project development and understands the importance of budgets and the necessity for a fixed cost structure. We review initial program/budget and then continue to review at strategic project completion milestones.


SEAATS, an affiliate of Earles Architects and Associates,  is a specialized furniture solutions company formed by EAA. As architects and designers, we focus on creating office environments that solve problems and create solutions. By incorporating furniture lines into our client service, we offer a complete package that can take clients from initial space consultation to “move-in ready” condition. We also work with clients who only need furniture solutions, helping them create an innovative environment that fits with their space planning, aesthetic and budgetary goals.

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DEAATAILS, another EAA entity, is an organizational service that helps businesses optimize their space.

DEAATAILS is a unique organizational service that helps businesses optimize their space, improve work flow, and increase efficiency. We analyze space and work flow; eliminate clutter; and improve storage options, all with a focus on the business flow and operations.

We bring a highly personalized approach to organizing:
• Office space
• Office common areas, such as mail, supply and copy rooms
• Employee offices/workstations
• Conference and reception areas
• Training and employee break rooms

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